Welcome to SkyGrid

It’s very exciting to be able to talk today about SkyGrid and all of the great things we’ve heard from the SkyGrid member community. Thanks for stopping by, and of course we appreciate your interest in SkyGrid. Before we get into what members are most enthusiastic about, I thought it’d be fun to take a step back and look at some of the incredible innovation and growth that’s let us get to where we are today.

A lot has changed since the first website came online almost two decades ago. Over the past 20 years the Web has had a huge impact on the way people communicate ideas, trends, and news. Within the world of news we’ve seen some of the biggest changes – there are more people making news, discussing news, and sharing news than ever before.

With so much news available to all of us in so many places, it can be a little challenging to find what you want. And if you’re someone reading a lot of news, it’s even more important that you find what you want fast. The obvious question becomes – how do I get just the news I want?

The answer’s simple – filter out what you don’t want, and choose only what you do. Like a lot of things, answering the question is easier than building a solution. With a focus on delivering a great experience for our members, we’ve put a lot of time, energy, and passion into creating a way to let people filter news to find only the things they want.

At SkyGrid, we realize the impact that news has on our lives is bigger than ever before. Because of this we wanted to make sure we created something that kept our members happy, by giving them a great way to filter news. Today at SkyGrid, we try to help our members by delivering high quality content from trusted sources in real-time. If you talk to SkyGrid members you’ll find they’re people interested in just about every type of news.

What we hear the most are that members love SkyGrid filters. Members are enthusiastic about filtering their news with SkyGrid’s real-time clusters that show events growing in real-time. Members are enthusiastic about filtering their news by sentiment, letting them see what’s good or bad with a single click. Members are enthusiastic about the filter of community favorites, to see what other members are viewing most. It’s been amazing to see how much great feedback our members give every day. We’re grateful for all that we’ve been able to accomplish so far, and are more excited than ever about how SkyGrid can continue to help passionate people receive high-quality content, in real-time.

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