SkyGrid Community

It’s been great to hear from SkyGrid members each week on how we can do things that’ll make SkyGrid even better. When you look at SkyGrid, about nine out of ten things you see are from you, our members. We’ve always been excited and grateful for how much the SkyGrid community has given to our product, and how this has helped other members. I think if you ask SkyGrid members about how they’ve shared their feedback, many will share how they’ve seen their ideas become part of SkyGrid.

Well, I’m happy to report that the last over the last two weeks we’ve seen some of the best feedback to date! Member suggestions have been rolling in by the hundreds each week. Aside from some great product suggestions, we’ve also been hearing about new SkyGrid addictions (watch out!) , an appreciation for our dedication to addressing each of our members’ ideas as quickly as possible, and a general sense of satisfaction with the product.

And whether it’s our real-time news streaming, clustering, or filtering you have questions or feedback on, we’d love to hear it all. We look forward to continuing the conversation, and doing all we can to keep making SkyGrid members happy every day.

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