Twitter with SkyGrid

We’re excited to announce the launch of @SkyGrid on Twitter!

For the first time, SkyGrid is making its popular sector news (Finance, Healthcare, and others) available to everyone on Twitter.  For example, If you want the biggest breaking news on Healthcare, just follow @SkyGridHealth. Every business sector is available and you can follow only one sector, or get them all at once just by following @SkyGrid. SkyGrid on Twitter is like nothing else available, because it looks across the entire Internet and determines what news stories are spreading the fastest.  As major events start to form, they’ll be sent right to your Twitter account in real-time.

Obviously this also makes SkyGrid on Twitter available through any mobile device – iPhone, Blackberry, or any web enabled phone.  Just follow any SkyGrid sector on Twitter, and you’ll have breaking news delivered right to your phone.

Members who’ve been using SkyGrid on Twitter have said they’re happy with this new and easy way to get the most important news everyday.  Please keep sharing your great ideas on new ways we can keep making members happy.

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