Exciting New Social Features live on SkyGrid Groups!

It’s been great to hear all the feedback from everyone using Groups, and we’re very happy to announce some exciting new social features! We listened closely to what you suggested, and heard three things that almost everyone wanted.

  1. By far the leading request, was making it easier for you to communicate in the group – with the artist who created it, your friends, or other people who share your common interests.
  2. Making it quicker to know when you or your friends are part of a group.
  3. An updated design to make using Groups even more fun.

Well now the new social features give you all three of these things and let me share the most exciting parts of each new feature.


When you visit groups now, you can comment and be part of the conversation with your own comments, as well as see comments from the public figure who created the group. Each time the group creator comments their comment has a special color to let you know it’s from them. For example below you can see 50 Cent’s first comment in his group about his new freestyle raps.

Also every time you comment it posts right back to your Twitter account so you don’t have to update twice. And you can retweet any comment you want to share.


You no longer have to go back each time, and check to see if you or your friends have been included in a group. Now email notices do the work for you. Any time you or your friends are included in a group, you receive a notice letting you know.

New Design

Light. Clean. Simple. Thanks for all the kind comments you’ve already given us about the new design. Some of the best new design elements include the conversation stream, the light feel of photos & videos, and an overall simpler layout. In Pearl Jam’s groups about their re-issue albums Vs & Vitalogy, you can see people talking with other fans who are excited about getting the box set.

Groups Keep Growing

There’s already some great conversations going on with people responding to 50 cent’s post about his new freestyles, fans sharing their excitement for the new Pearl Jam re-issue albums Vs & Vitalogy, and even our first group from Korea today!

And as always, let us know @skygridteam, how you’re using Groups to connect with others who share your interests!


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