SkyGrid 2.0 app for iPad & iPhone just launched!

We’re happy to share what we feel is a powerful new version of our iPad and iPhone app. Check out what’s new:

The Best Following Ever!
✪ Follow Sites & Topics. Now you can follow your exact interests – any site, any topic – all with one tap.
✪ Follow Anything. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Local, Traffic, Weather, Web Search, Top 10 Topics.
✪ One Following Tab. Your topics and sites all in one place.

These features also just launched:
✪ 1st Ever Easy Browsing. Search or navigate all from one box for the first time ever on mobile.
✪ SkyReport. Share news and photos you report in real-time.
✪ Super Fast Pages. View every article almost instantly.
✪ Bright Photos. Enjoy photos everywhere.


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