Introducing Touchtv – the world’s first TV for iPad.


We’re very excited today to introduce Touchtv (available free on the App Store). We designed Touchtv to bring together the magic of watching TV with the revolutionary iPad. Now you can literally watch what you want any time, anywhere.

Touchtv actually makes TV lighter. Touchtv is light enough you can hold it in your hands. It’s amazing to be holding your iPad and watching your favorite sports, entertainment, and news channels.

And it’s just great to personalize too. The Channel Guide is built right into your Touchtv. Simply add any channel you want and then touch it to start watching.

Also for the channels in Touchtv we’ve continued to take a partnership approach and are showing the exact programs our partners have made available. We think there’s a lot of great content to view and want to make sure everyone who’s a part of Touchtv is happy.

One of the other things I really like has become using Touchtv to see what’s on. I don’t have to keep clicking and clicking through each channel. I just turn on Touchtv and have a single seamless sheet of glass, that shows everything I want. Take a look.


It’s an all-new design that makes choosing what you want easier than ever before. Plus every time you turn on Touchtv it automatically and effortlessly shows you what’s new. Just like TV, it just works.

We’d love to hear what you like watching on and what you think by tweeting to @touchtv.


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