Update from SkyGrid CEO Kevin Pomplun

Thank you for such an an amazing first week for Touchtv! While we hoped the design & product experience would really delight people, we had no idea Touchtv would spread this big this fast.

Let me share a few thoughts and highlights.

On the first day of launch, we’re honored you made Touchtv a Top 10 Entertainment App in less than 24 hours. What’s also amazing is that we’re also the #1 app in the entire App Store in Ireland and Greece! It’s humbling to see Touchtv next to Facebook, Angry Birds, and Skype.

We also want to say thanks for the thousands of tweets, facebook updates, and emails sharing all the happiness. The team loves listening to all the great ideas of what Touchtv can do next. If you haven’t already, let me know what you think by tweeting @kevinpomplun, visiting us on Facebook, or dropping the team a line at support@touchtv.me.

It’s also really interesting to see all the great ways people are writing about Touchtv. We enjoyed reading Scobleizer, TechCrunch, TIME and other articles that talk about what Touchtv means to how we all watch Touchtv. We just launched the press section to share some of our favorites.

From all of us on the team creating Touchtv…happy watching!


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