Meet Our Wonderful & Funny Co-ops from Waterloo

Our co-ops help keep the “engine” in engineering run smoothly! We asked them to fill out a quick questionaire and posted their responses here. See what kinds of things they are doing, and get to know them a little bit more:


What’s your favourite thing about SkyGrid Headquarters?
Having lunch with the team every day and being able to relax after several hours of coding. SkyHQ is like my home away from home.
So.. what have you worked on so far?
The splash page for the TouchTV launch as well as developing an analytics engine for both TouchTV and SkyGrid
Favourite moment at SkyGrid
Playing with Peter and watching movies with the team
What song describes your mood right now?
Sweet Disposition
What’s your most interesting favorite food?
I’m a boring eater. I like cake and chocolate. Chocolate cake is all I need.
I’m the best.


What brought you to SkyGrid?
Word of mouth from previous interns, SkyGrid offers a challenging and diverse workflow that provides a particular learning environment that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.
What has been the most unexpected thing you’ve learned while working here?
Culture shock. People in the Bay don’t talk about the weather, because it’s eerily consistent. Also I have developed an irritating tendency to :wq out of all text documents I am writing (+1 for vim reference).
What do you get to work on at SkyGrid?
Top secret projects involving smoke, mirrors, and reverse-engineering.
What do you like doing outside the office?
I split my free time rotating through playing musical instruments, computer games, Ruby, and generating and expressing strong opinions on topics ranging from economics to meteorology.
Favorite Holiday Food: Pumpkin Pie: it’s delicious.
Name one thing you’d like to do before you turn 50: Write a symphony.


What has surprised you the most about working at SkyGrid?
Thought I was going to learn a lot… but not this much!
What’s your favorite thing about Silicon Valley?
It’s always sunny!
What exactly do you do here?
Engineering solving mysteries!
What are three things you’d bring with you to a deserted island?
Ukulele (I’d finally learn how to play), Batman, Cliff bars
What’s the coolest place you’ve been or want to visit?
Coolest place I’ve been: India!
I want to go to: the Arctic!
Tea or Coffee? Tea


Most challenging thing you’ve worked on so far?
Putting the realtime in realtime anayltics
What’s the best thing about being a co-op?
Being given relevant, interesting work
When not hard at work, what are you doing?
Exploring! Also reading, music, and occasionally knitting scarves in the shape of Möbius stripes.
What’s your favorite animal of all time?
Penguins. Definitely penguins.
Favorite SkyCafe menu item? Lime Chicken
Any advice for future co-ops? Python is your friend.

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