Get Style On The Grid

We’re so excited to launch the Style section for all our readers to enjoy. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to go behind the scenes at an exclusive fashion event, see which designer is causing the latest buzz, or see the latest videos, photos, and stories… look no further than our Style section!

Style has been created exclusively for SkyGrid, curated by Debra Scherer, Founder of The Little Squares, and former staff member of American, Italian, and French Vogue. Only Style on SkyGrid lets you stay up to date on all the hottest sources and fashion topics.

With just one tap, follow sources like W Magazine, Style Rookie, WWD, or topics like Miuccia Prada, The Duchess of Cambridge, and more.

Get Style on the Grid now! For both iOS & Android.


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On iOS 5 Launch Day – SkyGrid with iCloud, iMessage, and More Available!

We’re excited to release the latest version of SkyGrid the same day that Apple releases iOS5, including the most talked about features of iOS 5:

iCloud. Your Followed Interests are now automatically and effortlessly synced across all your iOS devices.  It’s been one of the most requested features since SkyGrid launched and we’re happy to be able to deliver it via iCloud.

iMessage. Having a new option to share breaking news and articles in your Following Grid is simply cool. Just tap the iMessage icon and you can instantly share what you just read.

Notification Center.  Receive alerts on key updates for the exact topics & sources you follow!

You can download the latest version here.


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Latest SkyGrid for iPhone & iPad is live!

We’ve got a new version that was just released: more great design, fast performance on all networks and alerts on topics you follow.

New design detail including updated badges, “new” ribbons, richer images in your Following Grid, cleaner and lighter design in What’s Hot, and Item Grids with easier to read sources and titles. Easier 1-tap following also now on iPhones.

Fast performance displaying images on all networks. Whatever network speed you’re on, you can now be assured that the app will perform great.

Alerts on topics you follow. Now you can get alerts when topics you follow, such as your favorite sports team, have new stories.

And last, a nice overlay tutorial showing navigation tips. Get it here.


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New SkyGrid 2.2. for iPhone & iPad launched today!

We’re excited to release this version with an all-new design. The beautiful Photo Grid™ is now available for every section – What’s Hot, Following, and Categories!

  • More Beautiful Images means more crisp and sharp images in every Grid.
  • Natural Navigation means you can effortlessly swipe left & right from one Home screen to another and seamless up & down scrolling shows you more stories.
  • Even More Interests To Follow. The updated Choose Your Interests Guide gives you Top 100 Topics, Top 100 Sources, and millions of topics you can follow with any keywords you want!
  • The Great Green Ribbon. You can now tap the new green ribbon from anywhere to instantly add more topics or sources to your Following Grid.

You can get the new version here. We’d love to hear your feedback.


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SkyGrid Launches On Android Tablets

We’re very excited for the launch of SkyGrid on Android Tablets.  It is completely custom designed and tailored for Android Tablet users.  Now just like on iPad, iPhone, and Android handhelds, Android Tablet users are effortlessly able to follow their interests and get updates on the things they care about.

Below is a quick overview of some of the most exciting new features.

1. Custom Design. Tailored just for your Android Tablet.

2. More Photos. Now every stream has photos gathered from all over the web.

3. Even Better Following. “Information Velocity” continues to get better and better at finding updates on your interests!

Get it here for free and leave us a review on the Android Market!

As usual we’re listening and excited to keep delivering the best way to follow your interests.


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New SkyGrid for iPhone & iPad is live!

We’re excited to release the best SkyGrid yet for iPhone & iPad.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the app is the bright and large photo grid of all the Featured Stories. This feature instantly brings the stories to life and makes it easy to see what’s hot now.

The new version also makes it easier than ever to just tap “follow” on any topics or sources you care about.  Also, the overall look & feel is now clean and simple, to make following your interests more fun!

Thanks for the great first comments we’ve already received and we’re looking forward to hearing about what interests are your favorite to follow!

Get the new SkyGrid here!


SkyGrid Team

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SkyGrid 2.0 app for iPad & iPhone just launched!

We’re happy to share what we feel is a powerful new version of our iPad and iPhone app. Check out what’s new:

The Best Following Ever!
✪ Follow Sites & Topics. Now you can follow your exact interests – any site, any topic – all with one tap.
✪ Follow Anything. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Local, Traffic, Weather, Web Search, Top 10 Topics.
✪ One Following Tab. Your topics and sites all in one place.

These features also just launched:
✪ 1st Ever Easy Browsing. Search or navigate all from one box for the first time ever on mobile.
✪ SkyReport. Share news and photos you report in real-time.
✪ Super Fast Pages. View every article almost instantly.
✪ Bright Photos. Enjoy photos everywhere.


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